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There are 2 imperative rules regarding timing/cam belts that ALL motorists should know.
The replacement interval of a vehicles timing/cam belt will vary depending on the manufacturer and model, never delay your belt replacement.
You should never solely replace the belt itself, it is strongly advised that all guide rollers, tensioners, pulleys and in some cases water-pumps are also replaced too.
What happens when your timing belt breaks?
the timing belt connects the crankshaft with the camshafts. This allows the valves to open allowing air into the engine at the right time. If the belt breaks the crankshaft along with the pistons and rod assembly will continue to operate but the valves will remain still. This can cause the pistons to collide with the valves which can cause damage to the pistons, valves, and the entire head in some cases.
Why do timing belts break?
The idlers/guide rollers and tensioniors that the belt is fitted to are the most common reason for a broken timing/cam belt. Bearing ceasure and wear causes the belt to be burnt, torn or even slip off.
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